Does Zumba help to lose weight?

Does Zumba help to lose weight?

Many people believe that Zumba helps to lose weight effectively. But some say it is few. In fact, does Zumba really help you lose weight?

The answer is, of course, yes, Zumba can help you lose weight. More than just helping you lose weight, Zumba offers even more benefits. However, Zumba is not magic to help you lose weight quickly after just 1 week of training.



Is Zumba really a good workout?

Zumba helps you lose weight, burn calories and burn fat

Zumba is effective faster than other weight loss methods. When you exercise 3 hours a week you can lose 0.45kg. If you continue to dance Zumba for an hour, combining a reasonable diet, you will lose nearly 1kg in a week. So you can lose 4kg / month if you have a suitable diet and dancing Zumba 6 hours/week.

Help you burn belly fat

does zumba help you lose weight

You must be physically active whole body when dancing Zumba. Especially the abdominal exercises are also used to the maximum in the Zumba dancing. The movements of squeezing muscles, twisting the waist, folding the belly, squeezing the chest, stretching the chest, … furthermore, the movements of Zumba very fast and strong will help you burn obnoxious excess fat in the waist.

Improve the cardiovascular system

Zumba requires you to dance non-stop, plus hand movements will help your heart beat faster to be able to circulate blood to the body to meet training needs.

Effective Stress Treatment

Zumba’s exercises are danced with youthful and vibrant music. Strong movements help you release stress. As long as you relax your mind, the teacher will help you imitate the movements easily. (or you can watch videos on youtube to practice Zumba dancing at home).

Suitable for all people

Zumba dance is suitable for children, young people and the elderly, for men and women, for fat people want to lose fat, and thin people want to gain muscle.

Strengthen confidence, improve mood

Dance Zumba on the vibrant music background will help you release your depression, increasing confidence. Zumba helps you improve physique, body flexibility, release endorphins and help you feel better.

How many calories do you burn doing Zumba in one hour?

According to studies, an hour of practicing Zumba can burn from 500 to 700kcal. The reason is that Zumba’s exercises have 4 combined elements: Cardio, Muscle Conditioning, Balance and Flexibility, promoting energy metabolism. Zumba’s movements are strong to all parts of the body from head, eyes, shoulders, neck, legs, arms, waist, thighs … from muscle to bone, blood and metabolism, …

How often should you do Zumba to see results?

How often you need to dance Zumba to lose weight depends on your health and fitness goals.

Zumba trainers think that you need to practice for at least 1 hour for a training session and at least 3 sessions per week.

In addition, to quickly adapt the body to exercise, you can alternate Zumba with other forms of cardiovascular exercise such as jogging, swimming.

Diet is also important for you to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat. Your diet should include whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, and oats. Do not eat empty carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, cookies. Eat a lot of lean meat, protein like chicken, fish, egg-whites. Add fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat sugar.

0.45kg fat is equivalent to about 3,500 calories. Combining exercise and proper nutrition will help you lose weight faster.

How to do Zumba

does zumba help lose weight

It’s easy if you’re living in big cities. There are many gyms offer a Zumba class several times a week. So you can sign up for a class which suitable for your schedule.

However, if you don’t live in a big city, or you live far away in gyms, you don’t find reasonable classes, or simply you prefer to work out at home, you can also find Zumba dancing online. There are a lot of Zumba videos for beginners, Zumba to lose weights and Zumba full-body toning on YouTube.

Especially, you won’t need much equipment for Zumba dancing. What you need are comfortable and lightweight clothing, suitable sneakers, and an optional set 1kg or 2kg dumbbells.

So you can see that Zumba can completely help you lose weight, burn calories. However, like other sports, it will not work if you do not limit the number of calories you consume. In addition, Zumba exercises need to be done correctly, and right for each person, if you are a beginner you need to dance with easy movements first. If you choose a heavy exercise for the first time, it can be dangerous for your muscles without reasonable support. You have to use your muscles a lot.

So to practice Zumba burn calories, lose weight, exercise cardiovascular, make sure your workout properly.

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