Best Ryka Shoes for Zumba Review


There are many shoe brands chosen to dance Zumba. Ryka is one of the most prized shoes from many Zumba dancers. They were developed based on the shape of a woman’s foot, with a smaller width in the heel area and a wider width in the toes. Due to shoes’ exceptional comfort and consistency, Ryka has been praised for its range of shoe products.

Ryka shoes generally have advantages such as the perfect leg-hugging design, extremely breathable, padded, moving in all directions without problems.

Your feet are very important, so choose for yourself a good quality and durable shoes, highly applicable, suitable for high-intensity dance.

Why would you use Ryka shoes for Zumba

– The sole shoes must be cushioned, shock resistant, with moisture-proof lining on top.

– You need to choose lightweight shoes, tight feet, but not too tight so will be comfortable when dancing Zumba.

Why would you use Ryka shoes for Zumba

– Good support for your ankles and feet, a foam and cushioned middle sole will also do the trick.

– Breathable fabric and mesh to keep your feet well breathable, and the lining absorbing moisture, sweating to keep your feet dry and odorless when you dance for hours.

– The outsole needs to provide good traction without being too clingy, extremely durable because practicing dancing will take quite a bit of wear and tear on your shoe soles.

Ryka is a shoe company designed for women and it has the characteristics, suitable for Zumba dance partner.

We will review for you about 5 Ryka shoes that customers appreciate.

#1: RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

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Design: synthetic sole, arch about 4″, heel about 0.75″, with adjustable hook and loop, shoe tongue and neck also padded to maximize both comfort and support, Precise-Return insole for cushioning, IHG molded heel reinforcement, Traction outsole with pivot-point design.

Ryka specializes in making women’s shoes that fit snugly but still comfortable to move, rotate, and dance Zumba’s powerful fast movements

There are 3 colors for you to choose from. The shoe has a pivot point, allowing quick rotation and change of direction, they are especially great for dance classes, especially Zumba.

These shoes are also highly recommended for cases of knee pain or plantar fasciitis, Ryka Tenacity Cross-Trainer will solve that problem thanks to ankle support when you dance Zumba.

#2: Ryka Women’s Vida RZX

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These shoes have bright colors, healthy designs, and 5 colors for you to choose from.

Ryka Vida RZX is a Cross-training shoe with all the benefits needed for a pair of Zumba dance shoes. It has strong support, high arches, breathable lining, the collar and tongue padded for comfort and safety. Comfortable and flexible rotating support design. In addition, a durable rubber sole with efficient curved grooves supports the faster and smoother movement.

These shoes are really size for the feet, Zumba people rated it comfortable and easily switch different movements.

#3: Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-training Shoe

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This Ryka Influence not only helps you to dance Zumba but is also suitable for other sports activities. They have a high traction rubber outsole with footprint design for better control. Shoes with strong colorful laces, and logo on the toe of the shoes, there are more than 12 colors to choose from.

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-training Shoe has lightweight, breathable synthetic material, which keeps the legs dry, comfortable for hours to dance.

In addition, they are also comfortable padded tongue and collar to helps support ankles and soles.

Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse support layers, for comfort and support when you need it most.

Dual-density foam midsole with high impact N-Gage EVA energy return provides shape retention and cushioning on impact, highly impacting in shock reduction and energy return while providing comfortable cushioning.

#4: Ryka Women’s Tenacious Cross-Trainer Shoe

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Ryka Women’s Tenacious Cross-Trainer Shoe has healthy colors, dynamic design, with 2 options. 100% synthetic material makes the shoes very light and breathable.

Solid synthetic sole design. The breathable upper mesh design with Direct Fuse layers provides support while the Velcro strap on the middle feet gives her secure certainty.

RE-ZORB footbed provides exceptional shock absorption and supportive cushioning.

The dual foam midsole technique provides extra cushioning at the main pressure points in the front foot. I.H.G. clip provides stability in the heel.

The rubber outsole with an axial design provides traction and allows for easy movement, rotating in many directions from one jump to another with flexibility.

The shoe is designed to protect your ankle and foot, creating safety and stability in your powerful Zumba dance moves.

#5: RYKA Women’s Enhance 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe

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There are 2 colors black and gray. 100% Fabric material. They are light, breathable, and supportive for your feet when dancing.

Rubber sole helps to increase grip when dancing on wooden floors, reducing slippery.

The upper is a breathable mesh plus a monochromatic mesh pack with synthetic forefoot overlay and soft-tech floating heel acts as a functional heel.

RE-ZORB footbed provides exceptional shock absorption and supportive cushioning.

The dual foam midsole technique provides extra cushioning at the main pressure points on the heel and forefoot. Ergonomic sole unit design with a pivot point, upgraded by the shape of the foot allows more natural movements and offers outstanding traction and support.

Ryka Enhance 3 Cross-Trainer is considered to be the perfect shoe, absorbing shock when dancing, stabilizing for lateral movements. Besides, they are stable for lateral movement & are smooth on the bottom to prevent torque and allow for a pivot.

As another dance, Zumba also needs a pair of right shoes, which are very important to help you prevent unnecessary injuries and perform the best dance steps.

In particular, Zumba requires strong fast movement, swings, twists so choose a pair of shoes that provide good shock cushioning, with flexibility and ventilation like the above Ryka shoes is a completely perfect choice for you.


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